Are you frustrated with something in your life? Or perhaps life in general?

Are you feeling stuck? Trying to work through a challenge?

What goal, if you achieved it, would bring you a deep sense of fulfillment?

If there is anything I have learned as a psychotherapist, life coach, and tarot card reader, it is that insight alone is often not enough. For lasting change to occur, there also has to be accountability and follow-through, with measurable action-steps.

And so, I have drawn upon my experience in the helping, healing, and self-development professions to create my own unique blend of rocket fuel: Tarot/Coaching.

To be clear, this isn’t therapy. Rather, it’s for those of you who want a tarot card reading with the added benefits of a coaching relationship.

This way of working together offers you:

Clarity plus an action plan

Depth work plus a roadmap from point A to B

An analysis of the obstacles in your way plus creative and concrete strategies to overcome them


Ingredient #1 = The tarot

Working with the cards allows you to:

  • Figure out how you are stuck and what to do about it
  • Connect to the heart of the matter
  • Develop greater self-awareness
  • Instantly access your soul wisdom
  • Stimulate your creativity
  • Shift your perspective
  • Understand what you might be missing or ignoring
  • Direct your attention to where it is most needed

Ingredient #2 = Life coaching

A life coaching perspective empowers you to:

  • Design the life you want
  • Brainstorm without limits about the future you deserve
  • Align your belief system and self-talk with your goals
  • Become accountable to yourself (by becoming accountable to me, your coach)
  • Create a concrete and specific action plan
  • Maximize your potential
  • Develop a sense of purpose
  • Live your best, most meaningful life

Using the tarot, we will connect with your soul wisdom in order to gain clarity and insight. Using the principles of life coaching, I will share tools and strategies that will help you achieve your goals. We will also explore – and challenge – the limiting beliefs that might be preventing you from creating positive change in your life. I will also hold you accountable, in a gentle way, to your commitment to your goals. Having someone like me in your corner will increase your motivation and make it easier for you to stay on course.

Your Investment

Single deep-dive tarot/coaching session: $165 (ninety minutes)

Package of 4 sessions: $400 (sixty minutes each, email support between meetings)

Package of 8 sessions: $800 (sixty minutes each, email support between meetings)

Package of 12 sessions: $1200 (sixty minutes each, email support between meetings)


All sessions take place over Zoom/Skype.

Contact me today for a free twenty-minute consultation so that I can answer any questions you may have and determine whether we are a good fit.

andymatzner@gmail.com / 540-819-0429


Ethics and Policies

By purchasing my services, it is understood that you have read and agree to these guidelines.

You affirm that you are 18 years or older.

All purchases are final and refunds are not available.

Sessions are not recorded.

Appointments can be cancelled or rescheduled as long as there is more than 24 hours’ notice. Otherwise, last minute cancellations or no-shows mean forfeiting the price of the session.

If you come to a session late, it will still have to end at the agreed upon time out of consideration to those who have appointments after yours.

I offer guidance, emotional support, and encouragement as I help you reach your goals. I do not predict the future. I do not diagnose or provide treatment for a mental health disorder; I am not offering therapy. If I believe therapy is necessary, I will refer you to a licensed provider. My services are not meant to be a substitute for psychological, legal, financial or medical advice. By purchasing my services, you agree that I cannot be held responsible for any actions or event that may take place after our session.

I reserve the right to refuse service and offer a refund if I believe we are not a good fit.

Each session is confidential. The exception to this is if I believe you may be a harm to yourself or others.

Payment for sessions is due in advance.

You may choose to discontinue tarot/coaching at any time. You will receive a refund for the unused remainder of your sessions at a prorated price.

You accept and agree that you are fully responsible your progress and outcomes of tarot/coaching and agree to release me from any liability connected with this service. To get the most out of our time together, it is expected that you will be fully committed to the work we do in session, as well as to the work that is necessary for you to do outside of our sessions.

You understand that our interactions are consultative in nature and that any actions and decisions made by you are solely your responsibility.

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