Perfecting Your English

Are you an advanced non-native speaker of English who wants to take things to the next level?

Are you conversational but still feel a bit awkward with your use of vocabulary or expressions?

Do you want to improve your accent? Your pronunciation?

Do you want to know how to properly use “real-life English”? That is, the English that is used in movies, television, YouTube videos, blogs, and on the streets or among friends.

Do you want to do business in English and be taken seriously?

Are you a professional who wants to connect with English-speaking clients?

Do you want to sound as cool as you look?

If any of these are your goals, I can help!

You see, it’s one thing to be able to hold a conversation in English.

But it’s another thing entirely to sound natural when you’re speaking. Unless you’ve grown up in an English-speaking country, gaining that kind of fluency can be difficult. But as a student of English, you wouldn’t want your accent, pronunciation or choice of expressions to distract your listener.

I personally know the challenge of trying to become comfortable with another language, having lived in Japan and Thailand for extended amounts of time when I was younger. Currently, my focus is on Spanish, in which I’m conversational.

But here’s my point: When I’m speaking another language, I don’t want my accent or pronunciation to distract listeners. The same goes for vocabulary and expressions: I would prefer not to end up saying something in Spanish that a native speaker would never naturally say him or herself.

Yes, of course the main goal is communication: Can you understand and be understood?

But I have higher standards than that. If you do as well, then you’re in the right place.

What to expect when we work together

My style of teaching is like coaching. Are you familiar with Rocky Balboa and his trainer, Mickey? If not, you should be – Rocky is a major part of U.S. cultural history. Well, Rocky was a boxer, and Mickey’s job was to bring out the best in Rocky. Which he did by kicking Rocky’s ass. What I mean is that Mickey continually challenged Rocky. Doing so helped Rocky reach his full potential as a fighter.

And that is the commitment I will make to you as my student: To help you become the best English-speaker that you can be. And so I will challenge you. I will correct you. I will give you feedback.

I won’t let you get away with saying things a native-speaker would never say.

I want you to sound good in English. I want you to sound natural.

I want your confidence, your intelligence, your personal character to all be reflected in how you speak.

Above all, I want to set you up for success.

By the way, I’m trained as a psychotherapist and have worked professionally as a therapist and life coach for many years. I’m passionate about personal-growth and healthy emotional management. So if anxiety gets in the way of communicating in English, I have plenty of strategies that will help you feel calm and in control.

And when it comes to teaching, I have over twenty-five years of experience. I have taught English in Japan, Thailand, Australia and Hawaii. I also teach psychology and mental health skills as an adjunct professor at a local college here in Virginia.

Simply put: Teaching is close to my heart and I love partnering with my students to assist them in achieving their desires.

So, if you are ready to move closer to attaining fluency in English, please contact me today at


Lessons are $25 (U.S.) per hour

Payment is through Paypal or Venmo

Meetings are held over Skype or Zoom

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