Public Speaking Coaching

Does speaking in public scare you?

What about creating and delivering a presentation? Does that make you nervous?

Are you interested advancing your career while making a memorable impression?

Then you’re in the right place!

With my support, you’ll be able to overcome anxiety, develop self-confidence, and create a memorable speech or presentation that engages your audience. You’ll learn how to share your message effectively with anyone, anywhere. And enjoy doing it!

Whether you are representing your company, pitching a new product, sharing research data, motivating your team or facilitating a training, your ability to speak in public will determine how your message is received. If what you do is effective – if people remember you and what you said for the right reasons – then your professional success is assured. After all, speaking in public is a gift. It’s an opportunity for you to transform an audience and, as TED owner Chris Anderson writes, “nudge the world.”

I’m an experienced psychotherapist, university professor, trainer and workshop facilitator who fell in love with public speaking over twenty years ago. And as a coach, nothing is more fulfilling than sharing what I’ve learned with others. When we work together, you’ll have access to the strategies for public speaking success that I have developed over two decades – Strategies that focus on the mental, emotional, physical and even spiritual dimensions of effectively connecting with an audience.

Workshop and Training Consulting

Can you see yourself offering a workshop to the general public but aren’t sure where to begin?

Or would you like to create a professional training for your workplace that achieves your goals with maximum impact?

There is a definite “right way” for ensuring that your audience retains information while at the same time enjoys a memorable experience, whether the event lasts an hour or five days. As a consultant, I can assist you in creating the blueprint of a training or workshop and teach you how to best facilitate it.

Coaching with individuals

We start with a free 20 minute phone consultation in order to make sure I can best serve your needs. If that’s the case we can schedule our first meeting. Since each person is different I don’t offer pre-set packages of coaching sessions. Instead, you and I will determine as a team how often to meet and for how long in order to best achieve your goals.

Our meetings can take place either in person or via Skype and are $90 per hour. You’ll have unlimited email access to me between sessions.

For distance clients, billing is done through PayPal and is due prior to each session.

Coaching with teams and groups

Need to improve the public speaking skills of your staff? I particularly enjoy sharing my knowledge with groups of professionals, whether it is a one-time presentation or on-going coaching. I provide this service on-site at your place of business and is $90 per hour (including travel time).

Workshop and Training Consulting

I can provide this service either at my office, on-site at your place of business or via Skype. Your  investment is $90 per hour (including travel time if I’m coming to you).

To schedule your free consultation please call 540-819-0429 or send an email to